Friday, January 20, 2012

Young and Old By : Ella

HAPPY NEW (MIDDLE OF JANUARY) YEAR!!!! I've taken these last couple of weeks for a personal holiday. And by holiday I mean drowning in the ice cold waters of school.SO back tracking a bit, I hope you had a good New Year from Lane these crazy cats and myself.

Now jumping right into things. Youth you know is a topic Lane and I always seem to be whining about on here and how we try to hold on to it as long as we possibly can. I was inspired by the photos I found on tumblr and found hilarious the second I saw them. What is is with little kids dressed up as food being so funny. I also added the pictures of the amazing marsh mellow guy from Ghost busters Birthday cake (which I want to be the theme of my next birthday) and the little group of friends.

As you can tell i learned how to use Picnik and I'm obsessed with it.
With the whole youth and the desperate attempt to become an adult I always seem to think of the movie An Education. I mean Jenny just wants to grow up and live in Paris and smoke and listen to french music. What I found interesting about this movie is that her parents are super conservative and won't let her do anything she wants but their all ok with the idea of her being with an older man. I found that funny.

Another good movie is Ghost World because Enid's just glad to be out of high school when she's sucked back in again. Her sarcasm and bluntness is awesome. I've been trying to be her. I bought a dinosaur tee shirt and I've been trying to find a sort of Batman mask.

The Royal Tenenbaums. Young Margot is basically exactly like older Margot. She's one of those characters and people who doesn't change. She knows who she is and is happy with herself for the most part. So sit in the bath and watch Tv and write plays and cut off your finger and wear fur and polo dresses with lots and lots of eyeliner.

Mary Antoinette. The real person and Kirsten Dunst is amazing. I mean Mary was only 15 when she married and applies to this topic very well. She didn't know how to be Queen but yet its all "Shame you for not being with child and doing things correctly!!" from everyone.

One of my favorites. Now and Then. Of course partly because of Christina Ricci and another because of the fact its an awesome story. In one summer it's amazing how much how people can want to grow up and don't want to grow up. Also how some of them aren't allowed to grow up. I think this movie grasps very well how you can't really control what happens to you and causes you to get older and mature.

I still love this movie and I loved this when I was younger. Peter Pan (the living people version.) When i was younger I always slepped with my window unlatched hoping Peter would come for me. Then I got older and learned that's not the safest thing to do. I always enjoyed the concept of an Island with Pirates and Indians and swimming with mermaids (but in this one they're evil so never mind) also the ability to fly with fairies. I mean could life get any better. You stay young and have fun and have no responsibility.

Lastly this isn't a movie but a comic I discovered that i love and I find was very much ahead of its time. I'm sad it's not in print anymore but I want to get the book. Nancy!!! Nancy is a little girl who is smart a bit witty. She's also just the sweetest thing ever.