Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Coolest 8 Year Old of the Month!! By: Ella

Lisa Simpson is the woman of November. I had some trouble coming up with a Ms. November and me seriously lacking in time because of stupid, stupid homework, I needed to say stupid twice so you can fully grasp how much I despise it. I mean I usually don't mind it but GEEZE!! this year its coming on the back of moving trucks. It just keeps coming. Lisa would be disappointed in me because of her greatness in school and she's highly intelligent. I told myself when I first decided to do woman of the month I wasn't going to do characters just actresses but I'm sorry me I'm breaking that promise because it took me two hours on the Christina Ricci post. And I'm tired. I'm falling asleep as I write this to you cyber world.

Lisa's a perfect choice for a woman of the month because of her feeling of being a misfit in the family because of her high IQ, hmmm... sort of like Daria... Oh my God, Daria! The light bulb just went off in my head with the idea of a future woman of the month. Anyway back to Lisa she's not afraid to be who she is (that sounds so cliche but it's true.) She's awesome because she's a fellow cat lover and reader who plays the saxaphone like my cousin which I've always admired. I mean how cool is that!! Also this is a sort of random but has a connection with what this post is about but she even feels bad when she's eating meat because like me (sometimes) she thinks of the animal she's eating while she's eating it. Man I can see it now, someone reading this who's eating like a bucket of chicken or a steak or something like that is pushing way their food. If your one of these people please comment if you are not one of these people please comment. I like to imagine Lane and I have readers. So in closing next time you pick up a book, hear/play the saxaphone, eat meat, or get a good grade on a test think of Lisa.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey Day Peanuts!!! By:Ella

It's Thanksgiving today!! Before I stuff myself with the deliciousness of turkey here is one of my favorite Peanut's specials, well actually I love all the holiday ones but anyway I like this one because Peppermint Patty has a bigger role in this one and she is my favorite character, not sure why, she just is. Have a great Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How to Live in A Small Town Part 3! By: Ella

The final post to my Gilmore Trilogy! I've had plenty of time to actually do this post but I've been putting it off to tell you the truth. Not because of any particular reason, just I'm a lazy person I guess and I've had a slight delay trying to find pictures and originally I wanted to take pictures of some of the Gilmore things I own but one I had no time to take pictures because of weather and I'm way to tired to do anything after school also, I don't want it to be like this is how I wore it, you should too! Be independent.. Be free! And do whatever you want with these suggestions.


I love Rory and to tell you the truth she was my role model for a long time, Lorelai was too, but for about a year I tried to BE Rory. Dress like her, act like her, give those pouty lip Rory faces she did so well. There were some perks to being her or at least trying I did awesome in school and I still carry out those traits. Got my report card today.... All A's!! YYAYY!!! Not that I'm bragging or anything. I discovered my love for reading. I discovered my passion for old films and witty banter. Not so good perks. I spent so much time trying to be her that I started to lack my own opinions but that was the old me but I still have a liitle voice in my head that says "What would Rory do?" God, I sound crazy but cut me a break I was like 8. Anyway back to style.

Ok so for Rory: Lots and lots of sweaters. Simple or with print. In the earlier seasons she kept it simple and conservative. There's a tumblr completely devoted to sweaters. And wear a Lorelai-ish t-shirt for the weekend like the reading is sexy shirt. Or a cool band tee. And wear a cool skirt with some tights or wear khakis or sometimes jeans. Also you see her a lot in heavy coats and scarves remember it's almost always fall and winter in Stars Hallow. And bulky boots are good. You can usually catch the GGs in boots or sneakers. Thrift and old school uniform. Matching or not matching pieces depending how you want to portray the Chilton look. Attach school patchs to the uniform. Saddle shoes are important with tights or knee socks. Once in a blue moon wear a "costume" like Donna Reed or Go Go just cause.


Loreali and her style are great!! She is really fun so she has a fun wardrobe. Rhinestones, jeans, tassels, things with crazy patterns. Funny tee shirts or places like this one episode she had a shirt with this Rosie's Truck Stop logo. Also I remember this bowling one and also the B52's shirt which I can't find a decent picture of, darn internet. Add a plaid shirt for a Luke touch (go all out and wear a backwards baseball cap). Anyway here are some pictures that I put a lot of time and sweat and tears and blood into finding.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Oh To Be Young Again! By: Lane

When I think of my childhood, I think of sitting way to close in front of the TV with my juice in one hand and my blankie in the other watching the Saturday morning cartoons. You should know that I'm not old at all, but my cousins who are between 6-17 don't even know what I'm talking about when I say "Did you see that episode of the Jetsons where..." and then they just stare at me and give me this blank look. Should I even know who they are? I have no idea, but I don't and will never regret my time spent reciting Looney Tunes quotes to myself, playing with my Flinstones vitamins while making them talk and walk, sleeping with my stuffed animals Scooby and Scrappy Doo (so that they could protect me of course), walking around like a robot and making everyone call me Rosie for a week, throwing a fit and screaming at my mom when she killed a mouse because I thought she had just murdered Jerry, and many more happy memories. My favorite memory though has to be when my family had chicken for dinner one night and I thought I was being so cool when I put the bone from the chicken leg in my hair so I could be like Pebbles and then my cousin screamed because he thought I had stolen his *peepee* and then he snatched it out of my hair, put it in his pants and told me that is was illegal to steal from Bamm-Bamm. I'm sure that you will all be glad to know that my 5 year old self immediately threw that video into the creek behind my cousins house. Anyway, my point is : where did all the anvils go? Sorry, GG joke. My real point is: where did all the good cartoons go? Now, all there is now is Disney channel and I like some of the old Disney movies, but not this new (cough, cough) *stuff* (cough, cough). I now pledge to try and show the next generation that there is more to the world of Saturday morning TV then shows with too much drama. Are you with me? Sir, yes sir! ARE YOU WITH ME??? SIR, YES SIR!!! Actually I prefer Miss thankyouverymuch! Before you go, I must admit that I have seen and maybe (you have no proof!) laughed at newish shows, but the old ones are still better! So long, farewell, auf wiedersehn, goodnight!

Buenas Noches,

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How to Live in A Small Town Part 2! By: Ella

Part 2!! Yep it's happened part two is here on this how to on being a GG trilogy. Last time I did a lot a babbling on about whatever I babble about so I'll just get right to the point. The final post of this small town trilogy will be style. But for now this is what's to come....

#1 The first step to surviving the rough jungle of small town charm is knowing how to speak the language- Gilmore! Now I know I can't teach you everything but the best way to learn is to buy the DVDs. But here are some basic terms you know like bathroom and food, etc.

Do LOTS of references.
This is an important aspect to the day to day life style. If what you have to say doesn't have a line from an 80's film or a band name (but an older good band name none of this modern crap. Actually it's not all crap I actually like some of the stuff today but if it's older, depending on who your talking to they'll give you a great "what your saying is other worldly to me" look. I love getting those!) change what your going to say and add one!

Come up with sayings to say when your scared or excited. Like just the other day I said "Oh Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the camel!" When someone scared me because I heard Lorelai say that when she drank Max's terrible coffee and it made me laugh so hard.

Always talk about starting a girl band or following the bangles on tour.

Talk FAST!! When your scared or excited or your doing a reference speak fast and don't pause waiting for them to laugh. Say these thing purely out of enjoyment for yourself.

#2 Essentials Needed!

-A book. You'll never know when you'll need one.

-A Luke. Or a Luke's. Because I know we all can't have a backwards baseball cap, flannel shirt wearing with a scowl on his face Luke who we'll one day want to marry, find a Luke's or a good place to eat thats in the form of a Diner that you go to daily.(or weekly, whenever.)

-A dog that you will name after a singer like Paul Anka (the dog not the singer) and when you call after him people will think your calling the actual singer.

-When in the car make sure you bring some "toons". Because on a road trip we all need our Highway to Hell.

-Barbie Band Aids.

-CDs be old school. No ipods. Also a beeper and when you record something on Tv make sure its on a tape and that it has the original commercials.

-A hupa.

-Junk food. Pizza, take out....

-If your a mother- a daughter. If your a daughter- a mother or just a really good friend. Like a Lane.

#3 People. Know who's who in town.