Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Snowless Story By:Ella

Hello there,
Long time no post or read or whatever. You get what I mean. This a post where I don'treally know where I'm going with. I just felt bad because I realized that I havent posted anything in a while and the whole reason I decided to start a blog with my friend was so that she could fill in those empty silences when I'm neglecting to post and vise versa but obviously that idea is down the toilet. So a message to Lane: I know you've been busy going to Harry Potter Land in Universal Orlando but what happened to that white board I recall you mentioning a few moons ago!?? You know the one with all of the post ideas. But anyway like this post, our blog is kind of just a bunch of random crap that we've accumulated and put into word form. But it's all in good fun I suppose.

W-w-w-winter, you see what I did there I tried to make it seem like I was shivering. Isn't it funny? Yes? No? Yep so anyways I love winter with the freezing air and the whole "I'm dragging my foot because it's frozen and if I use it, it will shatter into a million tiny pieces." No actually I love winter because like the picture at the top its beautiful. The snow, hot coco, fires (in fire places), and how everything looks clean and just all around pretty. Well actually growing up in California I never had this unless I went up to the mountains. Which my family never did.
Life in California in the Winter when it's not raining or wet.

But anyway when its raining in California during the winter I always liked the idea of just staying inside and watching movies with snow in them like the Chronicles of Narnia.
I actually kind of feel sorry for this series because It came out during the time of Twilight and Harry Potter craze. And people started to forget about it after the first movie. But I remember you Narnia!! I honestly love these movies and books so much and I highly recommend them. Even if you're not a big reader they're really easy to read and in the books they don't dilly dattle around and cause you to get bored they get strait to the action.
Another movie has to be White Christmas. It's the BEST christmas movie EVER!!! I watch it every

year about 5 times and my parents watched it when they were little too. And when I have kids I'm going to force them to love it also. I mean seriously what's not to love about old hollywood movies. It's got singing, comedy, fashion, love and a drama. Also if your a war movie junkie then there's war in it too. Plus I love the whole idea of a little snowy inn surrounded by trees gives me a warm Christmasy feeling inside.

Now just some wintery photos.

Ok I know this could be a Halloween party but I like to think of it as a really awesome New Years bash!

These girls were waiting outside a Beatles concert. I wish woman would still wore curlers outside. I think they look like really cool girls you would see when you come home for the holidays.

Even Daria's cheery around the holidays.


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