Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Coolest 8 Year Old of the Month!! By: Ella

Lisa Simpson is the woman of November. I had some trouble coming up with a Ms. November and me seriously lacking in time because of stupid, stupid homework, I needed to say stupid twice so you can fully grasp how much I despise it. I mean I usually don't mind it but GEEZE!! this year its coming on the back of moving trucks. It just keeps coming. Lisa would be disappointed in me because of her greatness in school and she's highly intelligent. I told myself when I first decided to do woman of the month I wasn't going to do characters just actresses but I'm sorry me I'm breaking that promise because it took me two hours on the Christina Ricci post. And I'm tired. I'm falling asleep as I write this to you cyber world.

Lisa's a perfect choice for a woman of the month because of her feeling of being a misfit in the family because of her high IQ, hmmm... sort of like Daria... Oh my God, Daria! The light bulb just went off in my head with the idea of a future woman of the month. Anyway back to Lisa she's not afraid to be who she is (that sounds so cliche but it's true.) She's awesome because she's a fellow cat lover and reader who plays the saxaphone like my cousin which I've always admired. I mean how cool is that!! Also this is a sort of random but has a connection with what this post is about but she even feels bad when she's eating meat because like me (sometimes) she thinks of the animal she's eating while she's eating it. Man I can see it now, someone reading this who's eating like a bucket of chicken or a steak or something like that is pushing way their food. If your one of these people please comment if you are not one of these people please comment. I like to imagine Lane and I have readers. So in closing next time you pick up a book, hear/play the saxaphone, eat meat, or get a good grade on a test think of Lisa.

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