Saturday, November 12, 2011

How to Live in A Small Town Part 1! By: Ella

Sorry about the lack of posts, Lane and I have been busy with usual youth things: zits, cats, boys,school, birthdays, deaths, vacations and world domination, so you can see we have a lot on our plates. Since it's November and Fall I've decided to do a How To on living in a small town, where everyone knows each other and knows everyones business. It's my dream to live in one of those small towns full of sweet people who bring there neighbors pies just.. cause! Maybe I'll live in Hidden Valley or something. Anyway to show different things that involve towns and how to live through them or of you don't live in a small town (like me) just pretend you live in a small town and say hi to the random city folk. The perfect town for these posts has to be.....(drum roll).... Stars Hallow!!!! YYYAAAYY! So basically I'm showing you how to be a Gilmore Girl. Now I bet your wondering, well what does she know about being a GG. I've been watching Gilmore Girls since forever! I've seen every episode about 5000 times and I know each episode by heart. I've gone to where they filmed Gilmore Girls 3 times. And I knew more then the tour guide. Also for a year I tried to be Rory. I know I'm a big dork. Anyway.. so over the next month I will be doing post about life in a small town. I hope the anticipation is growing inside of you. That sounded really creepy...

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