Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How to Live in A Small Town Part 3! By: Ella

The final post to my Gilmore Trilogy! I've had plenty of time to actually do this post but I've been putting it off to tell you the truth. Not because of any particular reason, just I'm a lazy person I guess and I've had a slight delay trying to find pictures and originally I wanted to take pictures of some of the Gilmore things I own but one I had no time to take pictures because of weather and I'm way to tired to do anything after school also, I don't want it to be like this is how I wore it, you should too! Be independent.. Be free! And do whatever you want with these suggestions.


I love Rory and to tell you the truth she was my role model for a long time, Lorelai was too, but for about a year I tried to BE Rory. Dress like her, act like her, give those pouty lip Rory faces she did so well. There were some perks to being her or at least trying I did awesome in school and I still carry out those traits. Got my report card today.... All A's!! YYAYY!!! Not that I'm bragging or anything. I discovered my love for reading. I discovered my passion for old films and witty banter. Not so good perks. I spent so much time trying to be her that I started to lack my own opinions but that was the old me but I still have a liitle voice in my head that says "What would Rory do?" God, I sound crazy but cut me a break I was like 8. Anyway back to style.

Ok so for Rory: Lots and lots of sweaters. Simple or with print. In the earlier seasons she kept it simple and conservative. There's a tumblr completely devoted to sweaters. And wear a Lorelai-ish t-shirt for the weekend like the reading is sexy shirt. Or a cool band tee. And wear a cool skirt with some tights or wear khakis or sometimes jeans. Also you see her a lot in heavy coats and scarves remember it's almost always fall and winter in Stars Hallow. And bulky boots are good. You can usually catch the GGs in boots or sneakers. Thrift and old school uniform. Matching or not matching pieces depending how you want to portray the Chilton look. Attach school patchs to the uniform. Saddle shoes are important with tights or knee socks. Once in a blue moon wear a "costume" like Donna Reed or Go Go just cause.


Loreali and her style are great!! She is really fun so she has a fun wardrobe. Rhinestones, jeans, tassels, things with crazy patterns. Funny tee shirts or places like this one episode she had a shirt with this Rosie's Truck Stop logo. Also I remember this bowling one and also the B52's shirt which I can't find a decent picture of, darn internet. Add a plaid shirt for a Luke touch (go all out and wear a backwards baseball cap). Anyway here are some pictures that I put a lot of time and sweat and tears and blood into finding.

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