Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How to Live in A Small Town Part 2! By: Ella

Part 2!! Yep it's happened part two is here on this how to on being a GG trilogy. Last time I did a lot a babbling on about whatever I babble about so I'll just get right to the point. The final post of this small town trilogy will be style. But for now this is what's to come....

#1 The first step to surviving the rough jungle of small town charm is knowing how to speak the language- Gilmore! Now I know I can't teach you everything but the best way to learn is to buy the DVDs. But here are some basic terms you know like bathroom and food, etc.

Do LOTS of references.
This is an important aspect to the day to day life style. If what you have to say doesn't have a line from an 80's film or a band name (but an older good band name none of this modern crap. Actually it's not all crap I actually like some of the stuff today but if it's older, depending on who your talking to they'll give you a great "what your saying is other worldly to me" look. I love getting those!) change what your going to say and add one!

Come up with sayings to say when your scared or excited. Like just the other day I said "Oh Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the camel!" When someone scared me because I heard Lorelai say that when she drank Max's terrible coffee and it made me laugh so hard.

Always talk about starting a girl band or following the bangles on tour.

Talk FAST!! When your scared or excited or your doing a reference speak fast and don't pause waiting for them to laugh. Say these thing purely out of enjoyment for yourself.

#2 Essentials Needed!

-A book. You'll never know when you'll need one.

-A Luke. Or a Luke's. Because I know we all can't have a backwards baseball cap, flannel shirt wearing with a scowl on his face Luke who we'll one day want to marry, find a Luke's or a good place to eat thats in the form of a Diner that you go to daily.(or weekly, whenever.)

-A dog that you will name after a singer like Paul Anka (the dog not the singer) and when you call after him people will think your calling the actual singer.

-When in the car make sure you bring some "toons". Because on a road trip we all need our Highway to Hell.

-Barbie Band Aids.

-CDs be old school. No ipods. Also a beeper and when you record something on Tv make sure its on a tape and that it has the original commercials.

-A hupa.

-Junk food. Pizza, take out....

-If your a mother- a daughter. If your a daughter- a mother or just a really good friend. Like a Lane.

#3 People. Know who's who in town.

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