Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cat Lovers Unite!!

My best friend Lane and I are starting this blog to say "Hey world! We're strange and crazy for cats!" Now don't get me wrong this blog isn't just about kitty cats. It gives an inside look at the world of two girls with weird minds. It's ironic actually because I'm allergic to cats. But I yearn for a little black cat named Salem. But I'm stuck with my imaginary cat for now. But just wait..... ONE DAY! ONE DAY!!!

Now continuing this post is my best friend and co-writer Miss Know It All because she can spell and I can't my friend Lane.


Hello World!!!  First, you should know that as my best friend just stated, she can't spell and had a few issues writing our introduction into the bloggesphere.  But no fear world, spell check is here! Lets just hope she uses it. ( just kidding, sorry Ella) Anyway, I also want a black cat, but my personal first choice would be a gray kitty and I would name it McGonagall, Mcggy for short.   Until I can move out, I am stuck with my stuffed animal cat Luna because my roommate is allergic. Its is true what she said, we are a couple of weird thinking gals, but we try our best to put our bizzareness to good use.  We hope you laugh, cry, and scream during our time here (all out of love for us of course (; )Until we meet again!

Your Awesome Possumness,

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  1. P.S. Dog lovers: please note that we also love dogs. (Ella has 5!!!!)