Sunday, October 30, 2011

Embracing My Youth Sunday By:Ella

Today the eve of Halloween I spent basically the whole day on the couch watching Disney Channel. Now I wasn't watching those dumb new Disney shows I prefer the early 2000's. The ones I watched when I was little. So, why was I watching Disney Channel??! I was watching the Halloween Town marathon of course! I loved loved loved Halloween Town and I still do. I think I liked it so much when I was young was because it's accepted to be different and it's the norm and being average or "in" or like everyone else is weird. Also I still wish I could be a witch. Thats why this year that's my Halloween costume. Maybe tomorrow I'll wake up and I'll have magical powers and I can ride on a broomstick. Uhh! I'd love to fly through the air. It kills me I can't! I want to so bad! Who's with me?! Anyways.... Happy Halloween Eve!!

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