Sunday, October 9, 2011

Satan Returns.... or Cult? By: Ella!

Since this is October and all about, Halloweeny things. I thought a post about things that are weirder than the usual weirdness that I have noticed.  Example:

Also NOTE: This entire post revolves around pointless thinking, bordeness and nonsense (probably). Enjoy!

  1. A trend comes out that I haven't heard about that, of long, black, sort of amish-looking, skirts. I mean I like the look. Especially the look with the long black lace skirt but with a shorter black skirt under it. So now most of the girls are wearing them but the thing is, is that almost all of the girls at my school wear the same thing so I asked myself " Why isn't ALL of the girls wearing them? I mean they all usually dress the same." So I decided to think about it a bit more and then this happened!....
  2. You know the new guy trend is to wear shirts from the brand RVCA. I mean the boys are as bad as the girls. They all are wearing shirts that say RVCA on them. Now I know that doesn't really prove anything but I haven't gotten to the weird thing yet. I was walking to my car after school and saw a boy wearing a Satan Rides Alone t-shirt. At first I thought oh it must be a religious thing. But no! I looked it up and it's an RVCA shirt as well. "But no other guys are wearing them, only one guy."
  3. Conclusion 1: I believe trends are now openly sending messages to telling people to hate Satan (which I don't mind but still.) by getting girls to wear amish skirts and only one boy (probably the leader) to wear a Satan Rides alone t-shirt.
  4. Conclusion 2: Satan has returned and is starting a group of people that has girls wear old witch-like skirts and guys try to trick people into believing he hates Satan but maybe it's just ironic. I mean the shirt says Satan rides alone and the guy wearing is the only one so he rides alone too!
I 'm now waiting for girls to start riding brooms (which sounds like fun!) and painting upside down crosses on their foreheads.

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