Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Woman Of The Month! Ms. October: Christina Ricci By:Ella

This lovely lady (and one of my favorite actresses) is our first ever Woman of the Month! YAY! Woman of the month is a monthly post where Lane and I elect a girl (most likely a famous person) to be, for lack of  better words our cover girl. She won't be selling makeup or anything like that, but just simply being someone that we think totally rocks because of the roles they choose on screen and off.

Christina Ricci is first up. She's Ms. October because of her choice of roles that are interesting, more than one sided and strong willed, not to mention good Halloween costumes. Such as Wednesday Adams from the Adams Family (the movies), a sort of (in a way) cooky, (in my opinion) well rounded girl who doesn't give a damn. Though not the original Wednesday she does capture the role best, I believe. Out to play and have fun by electrocuting her brother, going as a psychopathic serial killer for Halloween, out to kill her baby brother, putting an entire summer camp in its rightful place and managing to find love are just some of the reasons she's my idol.

Kat Harvey from Casper is next. Kat is another role with a girl who's got a few weird elements in her life, like she's got  ghost as roommates. Kat is a girl with a widowed father who decides to move to a new town where she doesn't really fit in. She manages to befriend a roommate of hers who's light (in weight), white, cute and very friendly. Oh! Did I forget to mention he's dead? Yes, you guessed it! It's Casper! (Spoiler)Also casper falls in love with her and though it doesn't end with us finding out if they ever end up together but I like to imagine they do.

Now and Then. Christina plays a tough and tomboyish young Roberta. Another great movie. Now and Then is like a female Stand By Me. Taking place in the 70's four young friends deal with life and problems together. They stick up for each other and have seances in graveyards. But one summer changes everything when they believe they have brought back a young boy from the dead. Fascinated by how he died but no one willing to give them any information they seek out for it traveling on their bikes to a near by town. Along the way through this search (not on bikes at this point) Roberta has her first kiss while playing basketball and drinking pop! Also before the kiss, Roberta is uncomfortable (like all of us) with her body so she tapes her chest down trying to stop it from developing any more. I believe this is an awesome coming of age film.

Skipping ahead a few years... Penelope! Need I say more... But I will anyway. Penelope is a girl who was born with the face of a pig. After countless attempts to break the curse by meeting tons and tons of blue bloods (who'll she need to marry to break the curse but they just can't get past her cute little nose.) she yearns to see the world for herself. With the help of a bartender and her friend (played by Reese Witherspoon) she manages to accomplish her dreams and learns to lover herself for what's inside along with a very handsome Max/Johnny (same person, I know confusing.) All I have to say is I LOVE this movie.

Christina is now on the show Pan Am which follows Maggie (her character) and other Pan Am flight attendants through their lives and shows how being a flight attendant back in the day was considered quite glamorous. Her character (like her previous ones) is a strong character. In closing I have to say I love Christina Ricci movies!

Now enjoy these Christina Ricci/ Ms. October photos.

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