Thursday, October 27, 2011

Father of Suspense! By:Ella

I love love love love love love (did I mention love) Alfred Hitchcock. I mean he was a complete genius! I have a Psycho picture of Janet Leigh screaming in my room and also I have a Psycho themed bathroom! I find him very interesting, It's strange actually I was reading about him the other day and someone tried to strangle me and I stabbed them with a pair of scissors. No I'm just kidding; Hitchcock joke. Anyway I was reading that he had this (for lack of a better word) obsession with having blondes as his victims. Also he was born on the 13! My favorite number also with all those suspicions and theories it seems appropriate for him. Also I find it sort of weird or ironic or both that they say he died peacefully in his sleep when his whole career was based of of strange mysterious murders. Anyway my point to this blog is Alfred Rocks!!

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