Saturday, October 29, 2011

I'm Sorry!!! By: Lane

I hang my head in shame now. I'm very sorry to Ella and to the people of the world! (or at least the people who know about us) I've been spending all of my time being a slave to my math textbook and not posting, but no more! I played a game of Would You Rather with myself 5 minutes ago and guess what the last question was???? (I know that sounds weird/crazy but it's really fun when you're bored... try it) Would you rather keep studying to for a nonexistent math test or re-enter the bloggesphere? As you can see, my math teacher is now rolling over in wherever he is. Now that I am done apologizing, I would like to ramble (or you read) about the movie Heathers. Is it just me or does J.D. have the creepiest voice ever? It's so unsettling and makes me want to slap him through the screen, and then I become depressed when it never works. Also, why is her name Veronica if she is apart of the Heathers? My favorite part of the whole movie is when they find the two dead jocks and at the funeral one of the Dads says "I love my dead gay son!" and I know that is so horrible to laugh at a funeral and I have absolutely nothing against gays at all, but I just saw it again and I laughed so hard I couldn't breath anymore so I had to use my inhaler. I must thank Illa for introducing me to that movie in the first place. Check out her blog called The Girl with the Red Book Cover, I promise it's awesome possum!

Xoxo, Lane Girl

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